Friday Features: WACapella’s “Glad You Chose Us”

Go Behind the Scenes of “Glad You Chose Us”

By now everyone should have heard about the promotional video Washington College released one week ago, “Glad You Chose Us,” but what you might not know is the people behind the music. Sit back and enjoy this Q&A session I had with three of WACappella’s aca-awesome members – Obella Obbo, Pat Kinsella, and Luke DiFabbio.

Obella Obbo – co-president & bass (’14)

(It’s important to note that while interviewing Obella, laughter occurred after almost every sentence. Additionally all explicit language has been replaced with cleaner alternatives)

 So tell me where the idea came from for the music video?

Satyajit called Karyn and I into his office and talked to us about the video he made for University of Rochester. He was like we’ll pay for everything so we were like… obviously yes!

And how do you think our video compares to University of Rochester’s?

It’s like way [flippin] better… Like so much better. A) because we’re in a lot prettier area than Rochester and B) we’re just better…

So what was the response from the campus like?

I think it was really awesome! There were a [poop] ton of people at the visitor’s center. It was so packed they had to move where we were going to stand like three times because they didn’t know where we were gonna fit… It was really cool.

What were some of the challenges during the making of the video?

I guess the only really bad thing was… like getting everyone together because we had to do it over fall break so not everyone could come and some people went abroad. But other than that I don’t really have any complaints! I’d do it again… If it was free again.

Why do you love WACappella?

Because we’re a really awesome group of people who cover every part of WC – all the good parts at least. And I think we’re all about having fun and that translates really well into our concerts and our music.

Luke DiFabbio – tenor & lyric writer (’14) and Pat Kinsella – beatboxer & lyric writer (’14)

(Friends since practically birth, these Connecticut lyrically geniuses were a blast to interview.)

What is your experience in rapping?

Luke & Pat: *laughing*

Luke: Crap…

Pat: We’ve dabbled… Lucas makes beats and he produces a little bit. And for fun we’ll rap over some beats, but nothing too serious.

Luke: We’ve made some videos, which are fun. We just like to make videos for fun and with our other friend from back home. It’s just like a fun hobby.

Pat: @dunkrockprod!

Luke: Follow!

How did you guys become friends?

Pat: Oh waaaay back. We’ve know each other since… our sisters were actually friends in elementary school so our parents were like oh like she has the sibling the same age as you. We’ve actually known each other since kindergarten.

Luke: A long time…

Pat: But the rapping didn’t start til later.

And what do your parents think about the rapping?

Pat: Mine love it! My grandma called me and was like I’m watching your video right now… I’ve watched it like six times in a row!

Luke: My mom likes it a lot.

Pat: They just know we’re having fun doing it so they think it’s cool.

Do you have response to the comments posted on YouTube about your attractiveness?

Luke: Oh dear lord.

Pat: No comment…

Luke: I don’t think I have a response…

Pat & Luke: The camera made us look better!

Luke: It’s all Chris!

Pat: Yeah Chris did a great job.

-Shorewoman & Proud – Emma

Pat Kinsella '14, Luke DiFabbio '14, and Obella Obbo '14

Pat Kinsella ’14, Luke DiFabbio ’14, and Obella Obbo ’14

Haven’t seen the “Glad You Chose Us” video yet? Be sure to watch the above video and tell your friends about it! A big thanks goes out to all of the WACappella members as well as the Admissions Department and Chris (the filmographer), all of who put a lot of hard work into this project!

Interested in seeing Pat’s and Luke’s above mentioned YouTube videos? Check them out at

Thrilling Thursday: Let’s Learn about George

George Washington Back in the Day

George Washington Back in the Day

Want to wow your friends with random trivia? Woo them with useless facts? Then Thursdays at The Leaf are for you. Welcome to the first “Thrilling Thursday,” and learn why George Washington is the coolest president/namesake ever.

George Washington is his full name

While this may not seem like a huge deal, I feel as though it speaks levels to his coolness factor. He’s like an early Prince or Cher; what you see is what you get. To be honest unless he had a crazy awesome middle name like Augustus or Remmington, the addition would have ruined it. His wife on the other hand rocked the multiple names, and you need a name like Martha Dandridge Custis to compete with Mr. Washington.

George contracted smallpox while on vacation and didn’t even flinch

That’s right, smallpox. While visiting Barbados with family he managed to catch a little illness that was the hot topic in the 1750s. While this could have dampened his spirits, he managed to not only survive the small affliction but develop an immunity to it. This most likely made him appear to have a superhero like immune system back in the day, but I can only speculate.

George was one snazzy dancer

Everyone likes a good party, and it seems that George was no exception. When his social status began to rise, so did the number of cotillion invites. According to accounts from those parties he was one smooth criminal on the dance floor and a huge hit with the ladies. One thing is certain, he would tear up Birthday Ball.

George’s signature locks were au natural

Unlike all of the other hip kids of the day, George never wore a wig and for good reason. Who would want to cover up that amazing mane? He did, however, powder his hair but we can forgive his attempt at being trendy. I know I’ve tried a fashion fad that turned fashion faux pas more than once.

George was a keen businessman… of booze

When some people reach retirement age, they go golfing or take a trip to the Keys, but if you’re G Dubs, you decide it’s the best time to create and operate your own whiskey distillery. While owning a distillery is awesome enough, George took it one step further and made sure it was the largest distillery of its time. Best. Founding Father. Ever.

We all know the good that George Washington has done, establishing the United States and not telling lies but let’s also remember him as he was, the fashion forward, dancing, home-brewing ladies man. In other words George would make the perfect Washington College student.

Written by Cara Murray


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Tattuesday: I Mustache You About Your Tattoo


Welcome to “Tattuesday”, where we tell the story behind unique tattoos found around campus. Today, we start our very first “Tattuesday” with one of our very own, Megan McCurdy, a News Editor of the Elm. Megan has multiple tattoos, but the one that catches your eye is her mustache tattoo that is located on her pointer finger. Her is what she had to say about her tattoo story!

The mustache came into Megan’s life at a young age when she found it fun to draw one on her finger for giggles. (Who doesn’t do that?). After many good times with temporary mustaches, she decided that it was time to make it permanent. So while she was in Ireland last spring, she decided (because she was bored…in Ireland) to wander around and find a tattoo shop to make her childhood pastime permanent. Her travels ended when she found a tattoo artist named “Magik” who was apparently “jazzed” and amused to tattoo a mustache on Megan’s finger. After a lovely session full of Magik’s giggles and needles, Megan’s finger was finally adorned with a permanent mustache.

To this day, Megan still entertains herself and everyone around her with her mustache finger, especially when she unknowingly sits with her mustache propped perfectly over her lips.

Thy Humble Leaf,

Kayla Kyle

Social Media Editor

Newsy Monday

target-2013Merry Xmas? Love, Target

I love Target as much as the next person, but this security breach is just ridiculous. As one of the affected and with so many new developments coming out daily, I want to take you through my experience.

Around early November, hackers discovered the vulnerability of Target’s crediting systems and took advantage of their irresponsible openness. Throughout the entire Christmas season, shoppers were unknowingly having the information stolen by Target hackers. Not until mid Dec. were customers alerted that their credit card information could have been stolen. After a week I received a separate email saying that I was one of the affected – a number that now stretches to 110 million, as of Jan. 10 according to the New York Times.

Credit card fraud is one thing, but a stolen debit card is another. When someone’s credit card information is used for a fraudulent purchase, the actual owner will simply not pay for that purchase and promptly file a theft report. Unfortunately with debit card theft, it’s not that easy. Lucky for me my debit card information was stolen… (sarcasm)

With my debit card, the hackers could have literally taken my so-called “real” money. Once I got the email saying I was “affected,” I panicked. I’m only 19 years old; what do I know about data breaches?! I frantically called my bank to tell them about my situation and after waiting on hold for a painstakingly long thirty minutes I managed to speak to a real human being.

Because my debit card was stolen, not just a credit card, I immediately put a hold on all my money (ha – like college students have money..) and requested a new card. After about a week on living off of next to nothing I got my new card and ended up having no money stolen – win!

I guess the biggest disappointment in all this, is that Target was so irresponsible with shopper’s personal information and even after owning up to their mistake not much in the way of an apology was issued. In my opinion, I think a nice gift card is in order.

Shorewoman & Proud – Emma

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