Tattuesday: Fun Facts About Tattoos


Tattoos have become more and more popular through out the years, but where did tattooing come from and what’s so cool about it? Let’s find out!

The oldest known form of tattoo was found on a 5,300 year old iceman mummy. The tattoos in this man’s tribe signified great events that occurred during manhood.

Apparently in ancient times, tattooing was a sacred profession, and even though it may not be presented as so today, it still takes years of apprenticeship and skill to master the profession.

Tattooing penetrates 3 to 5 layers of skin…only just scratching the surface.

Did you know that there is such a thing as a glow in the dark tattoo?! How cool is that?

And for a last fun fact, there are such things as cosmetic tattoos. People can get tattoos of eyebrow shading, lip liner, and even eye liner. No more having to worry about putting make-up on!

Thy Humble Leaf,

Kayla Kyle





Newsy Monday: The Elm Welcomes a Guest Visitor

Today, the Elm had the pleasure to welcome Craig O’Donnell, a reporter for the Kent County News, into our weekly Monday meeting. He generously laid out his 10 years of journalism wisdom. He described his experiences with unruly PR people, digging for information, and attending several government meetings looking for information on Kent Counties future. Best of all, he gave us some great advice: Never get discouraged and that sometimes you have to put on your attitude pants to get your story. We can all learn from this inspirational man!

Thy Humble Leaf,

Kayla Kyle

Lazy Sunday: The Calm After the Party

The Band Rockin’ the Party

Since we unfortunately did not have a Friday Feature, I bring you the one and only Lazy Sunday.

Yesterday, Washington College hosted its annual Birthday Ball (This year’s theme being Harry Potter), an event that is a large scale dance dedicated to George Washington’s Birthday. The party starts at 8pm and ends at 12:30am, but then the WAC dining hall then gives out free breakfast until 2am. So you can imagine just how tuckered out everyone is due to hours of dancing, laughing, and a late night; therefore, the campus is a bit empty ┬átoday since most are curled up in their bed watching Netflix hence the term Lazy Sunday. But it was all worth it! Happy Birthday George!

Thy Humble Leaf,

Kayla Kyle