Bloutfit vs. Groutfit

WgYcXWI-In the world of fashion, the monochrome trend seems to be on the rise lately. Monochrome is wearing all of the same color. This is a very popular thing to do with shoes, for example where the design is all one color from the sole to the laces. Now, it is becoming popular to monochrome your entire outfit from head to toe. An easy way to get in on this trend is to find things you already have in your closet and go for it. There are two easy colors that you can start with: black and grey. Monochrome can look great but sometimes it may not be the way to go.

The Bloutfit

The Bloutfit is a simple and flattering way to look trendy. This outfit involves wearing all black. Almost everyone has a black shirt and black pants in his or her closet, so why not wear them together? Wearing all black is very slimming and flattering for every body type. It also makes you look very sleek, like you could be an FBI agent.

The Groutfit

Let me start off by saying this is not exactly a trendy outfit. I believe the Groutfit originated from someone wearing all of their sweat pants at once, and then looking in a mirror and saying, “I am literally 50 shades of grey.” The Groutfit may not be the best thing to wear down a runway but it is fun to play with at home. You can try to find as many different gray items of clothing you have and wear them all at once. The Groutfit definitely wins in the comfort category.

You do not have to be a total fashionista to be trendy. Be brave and test out the waters of monochrome or any other trend. Maybe even test out the Groutfit, I am sure you will look great!

Sierra Montouri

Staff Writer

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Thesis Tips for Rising Seniors

time-managementSenior year is very bittersweet. On one hand, it is your last year of college and you are at the top of the totem pole. You have tons of life experience and memories under your belt. You are ready to move on to bigger and better things like grad school or the workforce. On the other hand, it is your last year of college. It is the last few months of the best years of your life. This is the time to make those lasting memories with the college friends you may inevitably end up disconnecting from.

Your final year is fun but it is also a lot of work. Trying to balance classes, your thesis, internships, work, sports, and a social life can get overwhelming. The senior thesis is a huge part of your final year in college. It allows you to sum up all the things you have learned in four years into a great piece of work. Unfortunately, it can sometimes cause a great deal of unnecessary stress if you are not organized. To help out people who may already be stressing, I spoke with some seniors around campus. They gave me their best words of advice for getting through your thesis.

Start early. Everyone I talked to agreed that starting early is a huge help. Having at least a clear plan of deadlines ahead of time also helps you to get organized. Jenna Chirico said that you should do as much work as you can over winter break. That way, you have less to do when you get back to school.

Manage your time. Like I said before, senior year is hectic. When juggling so many things, it can be intimidating to take on a thesis. Erin Gutkind told me time management is key to a successful year. Planning to work bit by bit is better than pulling all-nighters to finish an entire chapter.

Make a power playlist that keeps you motivated. Kendall Davis said this is how she keeps herself powering through two theses for Theatre and English. Good music can make the time pass more quickly and lets you zone out while working hard.

Pick a topic that truly interests you. This was another common piece of advice from seniors. A thesis is a yearlong commitment of research and hard work. If you choose a topic that you do not care about, you will find any excuse not to work on it.

Set aside one day a week that you don not let yourself think about it at all. This is another great piece of advice from Kendall Davis. Giving yourself a chance to relax is very important for your physical and mental health. It is also important to remember that you are still young and there is no need to be so busy and stressed all the time.

Try to get an internship or job the summer before. Anna Windle got an amazing internship last summer in Florida doing research on sea turtles. She is now able to include her research experiences in her thesis. Washington College offers tons of internship and job opportunities around the country and on campus. Utilizing these to your benefit can help you get ahead of the game.

Senior year may seem intimidating but do not forget to have fun! Everyone makes it through the year with amazing memories and a huge sense of pride after completing a thesis.

Sierra Montuori

Staff Writer

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Confused About Spring break?

tumblr_lm9491K8sQ1qg2xooo1_500.pngWake up Goose Nation!!! It is high tide and we are piled under assignments and tests, and everyone is eagerly waiting for the Spring break. Umm, confused about your plans and do not know where to start? Here are few ideas to work with.

Are you the “I need to travel and explore ASAP” type? Do not forget to get extra offers with your student ID’s if available.

  • Go international? – Most of us are already tired of the cold weather, so checking out for a warm place can be your best choice. Mexico, Bahamas, Paris, London and Aruba.
  • Maybe domestic this time? – These can be the hot spots to rush to and where you can feel like you are a world away. New York, Miami, San Diego, New Orleans, and Las Vegas.
  • Not comfortable with both of these? – Plan a road trip. Keep it within your interests and make it have a theme, which will definitely add flavor to your trip.

Are you the ”Woopps, I need to save some cash” type?

  • Map down your additional expenses, and motivate yourself to cut down those unnecessary expenses. Get a piggy bank and you can even work more hours on campus!

Are you the “Let’s keep it calm and do something good” type?

  • Check out your emails frequently, you might be popping with some really cool internships or events to volunteer. You cannot get a better chance than this, to both relax and do some good.
  • Do you kind of get stressed about being stressed? Get a massage that is cheap and soothing. Take adequate rest, change your meal plans, go exercise, and enjoy some free time. That’ll definitely be good for you.

Or are you the “Need to focus on my academics” type?

  • Prepare your plans ahead of time and stick to them. Manage your homework, final papers, and assignments accordingly. Tell your friends and family about the your work and you never know, they may give you some aid.
  • Are you a junior or senior and still not aware about graduate schools? Break is the peak time to do figure it out. Do some online research, or go to the Career Development Centre on campus and ask about it. And do not forget to research about the admission tests.

Moreover, stick to one plan and do not think about doing them all this Spring break. It is just a week to keep you stress free, so choose the wisest decision to make it your best break. Do not choose solitude and exclude social life, because there is always a need to belong and nothing can be better than planning it with your friends or group. So, keep the mood going on and enjoy this coming break. Avoir une bonne experience!

Girija Ganeshan

Staff Writer

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Elm Tips

When writing emails it is important to be as professional and respectful as possible. Working for The Elm, working an on or off campus job, and just being a college student in general requires you to write many emails to many different people. The Elm’s Editor in Chief, Emma Way’16, has put together a sample email for seeking an interview with someone. Even if you are not trying to interview someone it is a great example of how to be polite. Always say who you are, have a professional tone, thank whomever you are emailing, and have correct spelling. When people read well-written emails they are more likely to respond. Hopefully this Elm tip will help you to craft better emails! IMG_3454


Brooke Harig

Social Media Editor

Photo by Brooke Harig

How to Have a Successful Interview

get-the-jobAs we get older one thing is inevitable, and that is interviews. Applying for internships, jobs, scholarships, grad school, and many other things require having an interview. If you have never had an interview or are interviewing for something big, than it can be a very intimidating event. Having the necessary qualifications for something carries a lot of importance, but the interview is also carries a lot of weight. If you expecting any important interviews and need a few helping tips then I have you covered.

Dress appropriately. It is important to look professional, as it helps make a great impression. Dressing well also shows that you care about the interview. Men can never go wrong with a jacket and tie, just make sure to avoid bright colors and patterns and stick with the basics. For the women it may be a good idea to invest in a pant suite. This outfit choice is very professional and will make you look very put together, you can even soften up the look with a colored or patterned blouse under your blazer.

Come prepared. Bring a portfolio with you and have copies of your resume and paper for note taking. This will make you look very organized and show that you really care. Practice sample interview questions so you have some ideas for answers when you are in your interview. Write down the question that the interviewer asks so you will not forget it while thinking of a good answer. Most importantly, take your time when answering, if you have to pause for a moment to think that is perfectly fine.

Following these tips will help you to have a successful interview and feel confident!

Brooke Harig

Social Media Editor

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Birthday Ball Is Finally Here!

5182_25Birthday Ball is among us and the weekend has finally arrived. Hopefully everyone has their outfits picked out and is ready for a great time. The alumni have begun to appear and cannot wait to be reunited with everyone. This weekend is a time for fun and happiness while we celebrate George’s birthday with the greatest of parties. The JFC is being transformed into a magical paradise and will soon be unrecognizable. The feeling of arriving to the Ball and walking though the doors is one you hopefully will remember. Your friends and professors will all be in attendance waiting to dance the night away with you. No matter your party habits, Birthday Ball is always one for the record books and will not disappoint. Getting dressed up is always a great highlight of this weekend, it is fun to put on your best dress and tie and impress those around you. The weather this year is looking good and will be a great treat from last years snow. With a live band and DJ the dance floor will be bumping so you can show off your best dance moves. So get ready to enjoy all the fun to be had this weekend.

Remember to have fun but also stay safe. Public Safety is here to help you and wants everyone to as safe as possible. Make sure to be with your friends and ask for help if you need it. The shuttled will be running to help transport people around campus so utilize it.

Have a great Birthday Ball!

Brooke Harig

Social Media Editor

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Are You Ready For Birthday Ball?

59004_eventbriteBirthday Ball is just around the corner! It seems as though it was just yesterday when we were moving back into our dorms. Now, here we are in February getting ready to dance the night away in honor of George Washington. Birthday Ball is a very popular event on campus because it is so much fun. Students, professors, and alumni all get dressed up and come together for an exciting celebration.

Everyone has their favorite parts of Birthday Ball that they look forward to. I asked a few students around campus what they are most excited about. Breanna Caruso ’18 said, “I’m excited to see all the alumni and catch up. Most of the alumni coming back are people who really helped me get through my freshman year.” A large amount of alumni always come back to their alma mater to relive their college days and visit their friends. Erin Gutkind ’16 said, “I’m happy to finally be able to go into the 21 year old section. I’m also looking forward to enjoying the nice weather because last year was awful.” Hailey Craig ’17 said, “I’m looking forward to the decorations for the theme. I like Narnia, I watch it every year for Christmas with my brother.”

All students have their favorite aspects of Birthday Ball. From the theme, to the dancing, to the breakfast food at midnight, this weekend is going to be one to remember. Get your outfits ready and get ready to celebrate our good old friend George!

Sierra Montouri

Staff Writer

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