Tips for Driving Long Distances

slide3.jpgDriving long distances can be a real hassle. You have to deal with traffic, other drivers, and the general nuisance of driving. For some people driving can be on the scary side if you are not used to where you are going or if you do not like to deal with traffic. For others driving is a breeze and not much of a bother. To make the most of your next long trip here are some of my favorite tips to make driving more enjoyable.

  1. Have a good playlist – Having your favorite songs to listen to while you cruse down the highway makes the ride a whole lot better!
  2. Download a podcast for the trip – If it is a rather long trip listening to an interesting pod cast can help pass the time.
  3. Know where you are going – make sure you have directions handy if you are going to a new place so you do not get lost.
  4. Have some coffee – or any type of drink to help keep you awake and alert while on the rode.
  5. Try your best to avoid road rage – Do not get angry with other drivers and try not to drive aggressively.
  6. Pay attention – Do not get distracted and be alert. Other drivers can be reckless and cause harm.
  7. Take your time – Do not rush! Give yourself plenty of time to get where you need to go.

Hopefully these few tips will make your next driving adventure a little be better!

Brooke Harig

Social Media Editor

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Come Work for The Elm!

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 11.08.30 AM.pngAre you interested in being an editor for The Elm? The deadline for applications had been extended to Wednesday the 30th! If you are interested in working for The Elm as an editor email next year’s Editor in Chief, Cat Righter (

Working for The Elm is a great opportunity to expand your experience and add to your resume. You get to work with a great staff and advisor while learning first hand what is going on around campus and around town. There are many different positions to apply for and if you have any questions just ask Cat. It is not too late to try something new!

You can also become a staff writer or photographer if you are interested! The Elm always needs new writers!

Brooke Harig

Social Media Editor

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Come Hang Out With the Greeks!

LaPastaHeader.jpgThe end of the semester calls for many events! This week happens to have a bunch of events hosted by WC’s Greek community. This Thursday the sisters of Alpha Chi Omega are hosting their Professor Appreciation Night at 6:00PM in The Egg. So come on out and show your support!

On Friday the brothers of Kappa Alpha are hosting their annual Pasta Dinner. Ticket sales for the event benefit the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Come to the Trinity Lutheran Church to enjoy some pasta, salad, and breadsticks. Pre sale tickets are being sold in Hodson for $8 and you can also get delivery for $6. So come out with your friends on Friday from 4:30 to 6:30 to enjoy a great meal!

On Saturday the sisters of Alpha Chi Omega and the brothers of Kappa Sigma will be hosting a tailgate for the home lacrosse game! The tailgate will be alcohol free and have free food and lawn games. Stop by the Dorchester lawn on Saturday from 10AM to 1PM to hang out with the AXO’s and the KΣ’s and enjoy the game!

Get ready to have some fun this week and hang out with members of the Greek community!

Brooke Harig

Social Media Editor

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Let’s Talk About Depression

85Do you know what it is to feel lonely? To just randomly cry when you actually do not have to and want to, but end up breaking down. That irritable feeling when you just feel so exhausted that getting indulged back with your life is difficult. That situation where you love solitude more than yourself.
It’s depression. One does not need a reason to be depressed. It is an illness where your mind is inactive and lost its energy. It is a deeper concept where one’s emotions, behavior, and thinking get effected and is completely different from sadness. Sadness is an emotion like happiness which remits and is short-lived.
There is a need for people to know about depression and not judge people over this concept. Do not assume someone to be an attention seeker just because he/she cries or may act weird or even when he/she breaks his/her silence anonymously. Do not assume them to be mad. Do not assume that they’re fine.
Can you imagine how terrible one can feel to mask themselves with a bright smile but deep inside be shattered more and more. It is not the same when you mask yourself when you’re sad and when you’re depressed. The levels of stress are extremely high when you’re facing depression. It is dire.
Close ones should understand this and recognize this because counselling makes a huge impact on those suffering from depression. If required medication can be provided.
It is not abnormal to get depressed, it is just not one random person who is facing depression but many. Women tend to face depression more because of both biological and social factors. What is sad is that depression lies as the main reason behind most of the suicides in the world. It is time that we make ourselves aware of what depression is and how we should tackle it. It is not just about suicide, but about the alarming increase of stress levels that every individual can face and how harmful it can be. It is about realizing what depression exactly is and considering it as a disease and not merely a state of mind.
“You’ve not lost your mind” if you’re facing depression. You’re not mad and it is okay and absolutely fine to talk about it. In fact, it is brave of you to tackle it by talking about it with your close ones and eliminating it from your life.
‪#‎DepressionIsNotSadness ‪#‎TalkAboutIt ‪#‎LetsTalkAboutDepression #‎LetsChange

Girija Ganeshan

Staff  Writer

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The Festival of Holi

images.jpegHoli is an Indian festival which is also called the festival of colors. It is celebrated on the Phalguni Purnima, which is the last day of the year with respect to the lunar month Purnimanta. And the next day is called Vasantha-ritu which marks the beginning of the spring. This festival is an age-old tradition that started centuries ago, even long before Christ. Holi has several rituals and historic stories that makes it significant, but the importance actually stresses on the triumph of good winning over evil. Rituals like that of the Holika bonfire takes place the night before we celebrate with colors. The ashes left behind from the bonfire are considered holy and are said to purify one’s body and soul.

The next day, people drown crazy with colors and colored water. It is the perfect time to explore the kid in you and get yourself drenched. There is happiness and joy spread all over. People play Holi generally with sips of Thandaai (refreshing drink, which is made of milk and spices. It is usually sweet and is served chill) or Bhaang (drink made with marijuana, milk, spices and other exotic spices). Other delicacies like Phirni, Gujjiya, Puran Polees, Malpua, Dahi Badas and the list goes on.

Goose Nation, guess what? We have Holi on campus.

The Global Education Office has arranged the following as part of the International Education Week:

Friday the 25th at 9:00 PM by the bonfire pit; Holi Bonfire/ The Burning of Holika

At this event we will have a traditional bonfire to celebrate Holi. We will celebrate the conquering of evil by burning the pyre with an effigy on top to signify Holika who tricked Prahalad into the fire. We will also have music playing.

Saturday the 26th at 1:00 PM on the Campus Green; Holi Color Festival

At this event we will have music playing on the Campus Green and an area roped off for the throwing of color. We will have buckets of colored powder and water balloons that will be thrown in celebration.

Here is a Hindi term for you to say, while you throw colors on your friends:

“ Buraa naa maano, Holi hai”.

Happy Holi guys!

Girija Ganeshan

Staff Writer

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Custom Street Signs!

image.pngLooking for something fun to do on this beautiful spring day? If so, then head on over to The Egg from 1PM to 4PM to create your own street sign! The Student Events Board puts on this event and it is always a hit. Swing by on your way to lunch or in between classes to get a free custom made street sign.

Get one to spruce up your dorm room or to make a statement in your common room. Incorporate an inside joke into your street sign and make it a laughing point of your suite. Ever wanted to find a street sign with your name on it? Well now is the time to make your very own sign that has your complicated name on it! Looking for a future gift idea? Then make a custom sign for someone special in your life.

No matter what you want to put on your street sign just have fun with it!

Make sure to stay tuned for more events hosted by the SEB in these upcoming months. There are a lot of things to look forward to and a lot of cool activities to come.

Brooke Harig

Social Media Editor

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South By Southwest

This spring break, I went to Austin, Texas with my boyfriend to attend South By Southwest. SXSW is a music festival for up and coming artists as well as popular musicians. Pretty much anyone involved in the music world was in Austin. We arrived in Austin on Wednesday night and stayed until Sunday. Every day was a whirlwind of music and food (mostly tacos).

The best part about SXSW is discovering new music of all different genres. On the first night, we saw Louis the Child, an electronic music duo. I had heard of them before but fell completely in love with them after seeing them live. On Thursday, we discovered an indie pop band called Mobley. Their energy on stage was incredible and they incorporated the audience in a few songs. On Saturday night we first found a folk singer named Shawnee Kilgore whose voice was enchanting. Then we heard an alt-americana band called Those Poor Serfs. Not only did they play great music but the lead singer also looked just like Ryan Gosling, which was definitely a bonus. We also ended up going to see 2 Chainz!

The best part of the week was that everything we attended was free. Some people pay thousands of dollars to see the big names but going for free is best to discover new music. There was so much free food; I ate 10 tacos in 5 days. There were also reps for companies handing out tons of free samples. Overall, SXSW was the best ways to spend my spring break and so much fun!

Sierra Montouri

Staff Writer

Photos By: Sierra Montouri