Happy Halloween!

Tonight the Elm had its very first Halloween costume contest. Staff members and editors  put on their best and most creative costumes and came to the staff meeting. Our advisor handed out candy to get everyone in the holiday spirit. The costume contest was a lot of fun and those who participated really gave it their all! Hopefully all of you had a great holiday and are ready to have start your week off strong.

Thanks for coming out, everyone looked great!

Brooke Harig

Social Media Editor

Photos by Melissa McIntire

Musicians’ Union’s Debut

Image.png.jpegTonight, the Musicians’ Union put on a beautiful showcase in Hotchkiss Hall. The showcase was to kick-off a new era for the club. Musicians’ Union has been on campus for years, but there was not much enthusiasm. This year, Michael DeMaio, along with some other students, decided that it was time to revive the club. At the end of September, Musicians’ Union became a special interest group on the Washington College campus.

The showcase included eight acts, ranging from voice to saxophone. The show opened with DeMaio and MU treasurer/secretary Anna Mayes giving flowers to the two professors, Carolene Winter and Dr. Woobin Park, who would be accompanying students in the show. Graham Hulsey performed Sunflower River Blues by John Fahey and then the Guitar Quartet performed Hotel California by The Eagles. Dr. Woobin Park accompanied Katie Reinl for Sonatine by Darius Milhaud. Carolene Winter accompanied Reanna Sherman for What’s the Use of Wondrin’ from Carousel and Michael DeMaio for Concerto in E-flat major by A. Glaznov. Xidan Zhang played a beautiful piano piece called The Lark which was arranged by Balakriev. Another guitar piece was performed by Lorenz Iverson. It was Soleares by Peña. Finally, Claudia Ajou-Moumouni sang Ave Maria arranged by Gounod.

Overall this was a fabulous showcase. If you are interested in joining the Musicians’ Union, then show up to the next meeting with will be Thursday, 10 November at 7 pm in Gibson 108. If you have any questions feel free to email Michael at mdemaio2@washcoll.edu or Anna at amayes2@washcoll.edu

Savannah Masterson

Staff blogger

Photo by Savannah Masterson


The Glory Days of Spirit Week


Savannah’s high school is decked out for spirit week! 

As we prepare for our homecoming this Saturday, I can’t help but think about my homecoming back at my high school. Not only is it this Saturday as well but this entire week my high school has been enjoying spirit week. No matter what year you were you lived for spirit week and the chance to win games at the pep rally then ultimately the spirit cup. Not to mention being able to be picked for the infamous “Walk” down the school’s hallway. Since my school was so small, each class picked four students who embodied the theme of the day and those students choreograph a walk down the hallway to earn their class points for the spirit cup. If you were picked to walk you took pride in your costume that day.

My senior year was probably my favorite year for spirit week. My class came together to go all out for each of the themes. The Friday before spirit week was always blue and white day which gave all the students and faculty a chance to rep our school colors. Monday was decade day, which allowed me to embrace my inner 80’s, styled Carrie Bradshaw from “The Carrie Diaries” and I completed the outfit with my very own Carrie bag. Tuesday went on to be animal day where everyone went all out for. One of my teachers used an umbrella and curled ribbon to make a jellyfish. Some people went with animal onesies while a couple of boys from my senior class from My Little Pony sweat outfits and wore those to school, it was absolutely hilarious. Wednesday was everyone’s favorite day, Maryland Pride Day. You couldn’t walk the halls without seeing Terps gear, the Maryland Flag, waterfowl hunters, crabs, or homemade costumes resembling Old Bay cans. That day my friend and I collaborated to be the Maryland’s Most Prideful where she dressed up as our history teacher who claimed to love our state more than anyone else and I dressed up as Miss Maryland. We got to walk for our class and I have to say her and I did a pretty great job with our choreography down the hallway.

Thursday was the pride and joy of the school when each classes dressed as a group color and then challenged one another in the pep rally. Seniors, decked out in red, led the way by performing a secret flash mob dance in the middle of the gym before the games began. Juniors in green, sophomores in yellow, and the freshmen in purple all were so surprised by the random dancing happening in the gym. My senior class had left a legacy that day with our choreography and multiple wins in the pep rally. Last but not least on Friday, everyone showed their school pride wearing blue and white. Myself along with a few other classmates dressed up and Frozen characters and proceeded to run down the hallways singing all the songs from the movie. I have to say it was pretty great yelling, “do you wanna build a snowman?” in the middle of the hallways as music played over the intercom.

As the week comes to an end, I can’t help but think back to my senior year and remember the chaotic, fun, mess that was once a year in high school that everyone was always looked forward to.

Savannah Masterson

Staff Blogger

Photo by Savannah Masterson

Happy Homecoming!

thumbnail_SEB.jpgThe falling leaves, cool breeze, and the end of October mean that homecoming week is officially here! Student Events Board has worked incredibly hard to put together a great homecoming week as well as some really great activities planned out for the students to enjoy. Starting the week off, Wednesday night is the homecoming tailgate at Kirby Stadium where the Shorewomen’s Soccer Team has their Crucial Kick/Pink Out game against Haverford at home where the debut of new t-shirt canon will appear at halftime! Shorewomen’s Volleyball Team also plays Haverford starting at 7pm in the Cain Gymnasium. Thursday night starting at 9pm at Kirby Stadium, super fun games of bubble soccer are happening! From the sounds of it, it seems to be one of the student’s favorite homecoming activities. Everyone comes out to either be a part of the games or just come out to watch. Then Friday night there will be the homecoming fire pit which will be held at the Dorchester fire pit beginning at 9pm. That means Saturday is homecoming! From 9pm-12am, our homecoming dance will be held at the Hodson Green just behind Hodson Dining Hall. This year’s theme is neon which means that homecoming will surely be a ‘glowing’ night for every student and faculty member. With all kinds of events going on there are so many great activities to be a part of as we count down the days till the homecoming dance this Saturday!

As exciting as this week will be, there is always so much work and preparation to be done and SEB does a great job of making sure every event go smoothly. I got to talk to freshman Will Hewitt ’20 about what it has been like working on the SEB team and help plan these events. I asked him what the best part about working with SEB has been and he said, “I think honestly the people. They were so open when we first joined and made us a part of the family and it’s been really great.” Being a first year student and working on such a big project may seem a little intimidating but when I asked him how he was handling things as a first year student, Hewitt said, “it’s actually pretty cool. I knew going in to campus I wanted to be involved and this seemed to be the perfect platform and I’m really happy with my decision to apply!” The SEB does such an amazing job of planning and executing such amazing events for students to enjoy on campus. Being a freshman and seeing all the wonderful things SEB puts on makes me happy that we have an organization like SEB to put on fun events like these. Having a group of students in an organization like SEB who want to make campus lively and energetic shows how great our students are. SEB has done great work making this year’s homecoming activities enjoyable for all the students on campus. So don’t be afraid to go out there and have fun this week!

Savannah Masterson

Staff Blogger

Photo Source: Washington College SEB

Homecoming Events

Homecoming is this Saturday and that means there will be a bunch of events happening to show our school spirit! The SEB has put together some fun activities to entertain and get us excited about this weekend.

First up is a Homecoming Tailgate tomorrow, October 26th, at 6pm in the parking lot by the stadium! Come support the women’s soccer team and enjoy some food. You can hang out with your friends and show your school spirit all in one!

On Thursday, October 27th, play some Bubble Soccer at Kirby Stadium! This is one of my favorite events and anyone can play! Grab your friends to make a team or just come and watch people get thrown all around, either way it will be a lot of fun.

Friday night, October 28th, join the SEB and your fellow WAC students for a Homecoming Bonfire. It will be located at the fire pit behind Dorchester. Stay nice and warm while you get pumped up for the weekend!

Saturday, October 29th at 1pm come support the men’s club rugby team as they host their last game of the season. The game will be at Shriver Field (by the softball field). This is not hosted by SEB, but will be a great game to attend before the dance!

Homecoming Dance starts at 9pm on the Hodson green! Get your dance on with your friends and have a great time. It lasts until 12am so you have all night to have fun!

See you there!


Brooke Harig

Social Media Editor



guac.pngHallo-weekend is just around the corner. With Halloween being on a Monday this year that means we have a long weekend a head of us. Costume parties usually begin on this Thursday and will most likely last until Monday night for those who are committed. This year O’Conner’s Pub will be hosting a party on Monday night and those who are of age can hang out with Frank and have a fun time!

A strange thing about Halloween this year is that it is the same weekend as Homecoming. For some this isn’t the best situation because you miss out on a day of costume parties. Also alumni may not come back to visit because of this holiday!

Never the less, those who love Halloween will make it work and incorporate a costume into their dressy clothes.

If you’re looking for some simple last minute costumes here are some easy ones!

  • Lumberjack – wear a flannel and boots and you’re ready to go
  • Risky Business – a dress shirt, tube socks, and sunglasses will have you looking good
  • A vampire – add pointy teeth to any outfit!
  • A holy cow/holy guacamole – pair some angel wings and a halo with some cow print or green and you have a ‘punny’ costume

No matter what you wear or do this hallo-weekend, have some fun, be yourself, and embrace the holiday spirit!

Brooke Harig

Social Media Editor

Photo Source:http://www.hercampus.com/sites/default/files/styles/full_width_embed/public/2015/10/07/guac.png?itok=RfsRBnlV


Big Man 2016


Big Man 2015

Tonight the sisters of Zeta Tau Alpha are hosting their annual Big Man on Campus event. During this event popular men from around campus will perform and show off their best skills. It is just like a beauty pageant but for men! There will be an opening number, formal attire competition, talents, and a question portion. Then a panel of judges will determine the winner! So come to Decker Theater at 7pm to be entertained by some Washington College men. Tickets are $3 and proceeds go to Breast Cancer Awareness.

If you have never been to one of these events, then I highly recommend going. They are a lot of fun even if you do not know the men competing. Come out tonight and show your support!


Brooke Harig

Social Media Editor

Photo Source:https://www.facebook.com/ZetaTauAlphaGB/photos/a.175643552531607.37609.175596772536285/872550146174274/?type=3&theater